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A United States study found that over 90% of retirees did not start their retirement benefits at the best time.

The data for Canadians shows that a similar problem exists in Canada. HelpYouRetire.ca shows how the Canada Pension Plan, the Quebec Pension Plan and the Old Age Security program provide you with pension benefits. We then give you a personalized analysis of your participation in these Plans and review other important related matters. This analysis and information should help you make a better decision about when to take your retirement benefits. The goal is to enable you to maximize the value of your future pension receipts.

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About Elliot

…a unique solution that would help Canadians who are approaching retirement.

Elliot Rodin saw a problem and believed he could develop a unique solution that would help Canadians who are approaching retirement. This Website and the services offered herein are the result of that belief.

His personalized analysis provides useful and clear direction in a complex environment. Elliot has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Manitoba and a Master of Business degree from Harvard Business School. He has thirteen years experience as a securities analyst and portfolio manager with Investors Securities Management where he was responsible for major research studies, presentations to Government as well as the management of large Mutual Fund and Pension Fund assets. He was also for many years the manager of an animal feed manufacturing plant. In that capacity, he was responsible for sales, personnel, manufacturing and a variety of investment activities.

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What You Can Expect


With our basic analysis, we can provide you with your monthly pension at both your Desired Retirement Age and one year after that. We then compute the expected financial Benefit from a decision to wait a year and then receive increased monthly payments.


We then show this Benefit both as a percentage of the total expected value of your pension and also as a percentage of your annual pension. We do not adjust for the periodic increases in pensions related to changes in the Consumer Price Index.


Also, our analysis does not adjust for planned increases in contribution levels and benefits for the CPP and the QPP (URL). Our premium service which is described later in detail is available for a small fee.